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Mmm Being positive, currently *Enjoying* TV with Nicole and Ian. Glad I am here spending time with Nicole.

Its nearly one week until holiday in a certain place that will not be named. I am hopeful it will go well :)

It has been going well so far this well. Just reminds me to take time to take things positively, and not to let us feel down. The world is ours for the taking.

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Let me start by thanking everyone that wished me a happy birthday.

Thank you :) I had an excellent day, I had Nicole over for 12 days, woke up to some breakfast in bed. Nicole had given me a birthday present and card at midnight. I got a R2D2 alarm clock, it is rather cool :) alarm goes off and it projects the time on the ceiling and makes his usual beeps. Very cool indeed. Also she got me a rather personalised birthday card, from Moonpig with a very romantic personal message. When I get back home I will take pictures. I haven`t had as good as time as that for years.

Atm I am dog sitting Benny, as Nicole is at work. He does love his belly rubbed. Its a lovely sunny day outside, just went to McDonald's for lunch. Whilst Nicole is away I am treating myself watching a couple of classic Star Trek episodes. Vey good episodes.

Have to go for a walk, enjoy some of this really good weather.
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I wish they would release this version for xmas no 1 !

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Day 3 - Wednesday

I took it easy on this day, as I had been up rather late on tuesday night.  I got up at 8am again, and after breakfast went back to my room to look what was happening on IRC and MSN.  Andri, who is an Icelandic Eve Player was on though afk, I left a message for lunch.  At around mid-day I had a nap waiting for Andri to wake up.   I woke up to a new convo on msn, it was Andri @ 3pm agreed that we have a late lunch, and he would meet me in 10 mins at the lobby.

Ten mins later, we had a rather late lunch at a Chinese restaurant named Nings.  Rather weird to have Chinese in Iceland, Andri had to ask for an English menu for me, as the normal one was in Icelandic.

We had a meal for two,m which had pork, beef and chicken in with rice.  Mm was very nice.  After this we went back to the hotel bar, to see if anyone we knew was there.  Bar was practically empty.  I remembered that a Eve Pub crawl started at 2pm so that was probably why it was empty.  We ended up going round Andri's place.  It was not that far away, he shares it with about 7 other students, ended up watching some Beavis and Butthead on his laptop hehe, cool show - Cornholio :)

After about 2 odd hours, he had a call from his parents, and he had to drop me off at the hotel whilst he went round there.  Time was about 7pm.  I went to the bar and had a nice 500ml of Tuborg (They don`t serve pints in iceland), I was looking round the bar area and noticed a person just to the right of me,  He was the person I was sitting next to on the plane over, one of those strange random events had happened.  Had a little chat, and I let him finish his dinner.

After a couple more pints, no one else was around, so I went back to my room, and went on the net.  laptops are so cool :)  That was about it for Day 3 - Wednesday.  Went to bed at an early 10:30pm.
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Sorry for the lateness of this post about my holiday, I meant to do each day as it happened.  But I got too involved in talking to people and drinking / eating.

Right Day 2 !

Woke up at an amazing time of 8am,  usually its the crack of noon for me.  Actually made it for breakfast, at 9am.

Found some Eve players in the lobby of the Hilton Nordica Hotel, started chatting about things in game.    Note usual way of spotting a eve player in the nordica, is that they have either a) Eve Shirt on b) Playing eve on a laptop c) Talking about module fits on ships :)

After chatting for a while, a player called CrayC, said he wanted to visit the town.  So off we go on a nice walk down town, it was not raining and the wind was not too bad either.

One thing I noticed was there was lots of Pizza Places and Bars, note that Pizza King in Reykjavik, is apparently the best place to get pizza.
On walking down saw many cool craft shops, thought of Katy then hehe.   Then I remembered I forgot to pack some boxer shorts, I always forget something ...  Went camping once and forgot my sleeping bag brrr that was one cold night.  Oh back on subject.  Found a shop named "Man" which was like Top man, and bought the required items.

Now you think well theres lots of shops with names I never heard of before, but theres a Top Shop, and a Clarks shoe store there. hehe
Ohh and a Mac Store and a Sony Store :) 

On the way back, we decided it was lunch time.  Went to get a Boat, the Icelandic eqivilent of a subway sandwich.  Though theres plenty of subway places there.  Mmmmm had a Bacon, Ham, and salad roll, a can of coke for £ 5 ish.  Mmmm Cheap lunch.

On the way back it was decided to visit the shopping centre, that was nearby, so after dropping off out loot (shopping) we got a taxi to the centre.  It was called Kringlan.
Three floors of shopping, the usual stuff, dvd's, sony and mac stores, and clothing / house wares.  We shopped around for a bit, and a camera crew came up to us.  Asked if we were american, though I was English, CrayC was Danish, and the other person we were with was German.  The crew was there to ask Icelandic people what they thought of the US Election.  After CrayC gave his opinion of the election, we decided to go back to the Hotel.

Dinner was Pizza Hut again, I didn`t want to eat alone, and a group of 12 of us went to Pizza Hut, hehe nice Icelandic food :).  Its amazing we had never met each other but we got on well, we all played Eve so could chat about something :) I had Pepperoni Pizza and Tuborg to drink for the second night running.

After we had finished dinner, walked next door to the hotel.  Where we chatted for a bit, then decided, the group grew abit to about 20 of us.  We then went and walked back town to go out on the town.  Took 30 mins to reach town, and couldn`t find the bar we wanted to.  Found a grill / Bar named Oliver's and I imeddiatelty thought of Lisa :)  Tonight was Live karokoe night, which was quite cool.  Someone there had a guitar and played some tunes, whilst someone sang.  Highlight was a Goonswarm (Eve alliance) singing Britney Spears - Hit me baby one more time, was very funny and he won a drink for his effort.  I didn`t sing as I can`t sing, and was too shy to.

Pictures available for Oliver's is day one on this link http://fotos.elissen.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=7825

Time hit midnight, I think, and we took taxi's back to the hotel and had more beer at the bar there,  Finally hot bed at 2am I think. hehe times are rough as I think my vision got blurry.  I don`t normaly drink, have got merry about 6 times this year so far.

End of day 2.
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As I promised this, here goes.

Got up at 05:00hrs so my Dad could drive me to Heathrow.  Hes so  cool for doing that, well worth the bottle of Whisky I will be buying for him.
Arrived at heathrow, near 07:00hrs, and flight was at 13:00hrs, so lots of snoozing and listening to music on my mp3 player.

The flight was good, too just under 3 hrs and I was in Iceland !

Nice new upgrades on the Icelandair fleet means, you have your own personal tv and not sharing between like ten of you.  There was 16 films on offer, and I chose Casino Royale.    This is an excellent film, Bond at his best.

Touchdown was at 16:30hrs around that time, its hard to keep accurate times, and £ 25 return lighter for the coach journey, note that if you took taxi would be around £ 80 each way.  Took about an hour to arrive at the Nordica Hilton Hotel.  nice hotel, maybe on the expensive side for food and drink and to think I only paid like £ 56 a night for 6 nights !.

So I arrive at Hilton at 18:30, and settle in to my new room for the next 6 nights.  Its 18m2 so not that big, but nice shower room.   Note pics of shower being populated, only can be requested by ... nevermind

Chatted with Katy, and John for a couple hours via MSN, and Lisa via FB.  Then I plucked up courage to get some dinner.  As I could find anyone else to have dinner with.  Went to Pizza Hut, which adjoins the Nordica.  Mmm tasty Medium sized pizza Pepperoni.  Cough it was around *£30* but on holiday so who cares what I spend hehe.

Note to people.  If there is any single woman who could put up with me for 1 week next year, please mail me :) I may buy some dinners, and help share costs.  Its not good to have dinner by yourself, well on thursday onwards I shouldn`t be alone.  Or if I can get some of my Icelandic friends to get dinner with that would be awsome.

Whilst eating dinner, a party of 10 women come in and sit nearly opposite.  Icelandic women are very stunning.  Nuff said on that front.
With dinner I had a Tuborg ( Beer by carlsberg).  Which went done very nicely.  too nicely indeed. so meal was like very nice indeed.

After that went back to the Nordica Bar, which is very posh, with just one bartender, who pours me a very nice tuborg.  Now that one went down without touching the sides. mm

So now its 22:00hrs and I go back to my room, so I can chat some more with friends, who I wish were here.  You know who you are !

I don`t think I will get much done now, seeing its late and I am tired.  Tomorrow I will take some pics, for people to enjoy if I can take them ok, seeing as when I take photos they come out blurry lol

Signing off for day 1 in Iceland.
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I was reading a couple things, and realised that I may be taking a few things too far.

To me a lie-in in the morning means getting up at the crack of noon ie 12.   Am I wrong in thinking this is a good thing ?
Amazes me when people talk about a lie in they mean 8-9 in the morning,

Maybe I should re-think my "Lie-in" status, and get up earlier.  When I told my work collegues they thought I was a bit lazy on my days off.

What are people's opinions of this ?
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A friend called Katy had one on her lj post :) so heres one with me in it lol


Nov. 20th, 2007 06:18 pm
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November is here and is nearly over.  A couple occasions of note have happened so far this month.

Eve-Online Fanfest : Totally awesome to meet up with people I have seen in game.  30 turned up from the Alliance I`m in in game.  IAC.  Drank many beers and much pizza was eaten during my stay in Iceland.  My only regret is not booking a longer time there Iceland is a wonderful place.

Dinner with a friend : Finally managed to talk a new friend I have only known since beginning of October. Katy.  Well I have found someone who is way more shy than me :)  Was a pleasant meal with a good conversation. 

We both choose Prawn Cocktail as starters, I had steak and Katy had Chicken Tikka Masala for main.  I was the only one that wanted desert a nice Banoffee Waffle.  I drank Pepsi, and she had wine. I throughly enjoyed the evening, and hope can do this again. 

Other than this just been working, and on the non-work days sleep, playing games and watching series 1 & 2 of Alias.

This week.

Oct. 25th, 2007 05:54 pm
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Arh what a crappy week, I`m in charge, and we are down to just 3 people.

I`m gonna explode, I need a hug :(


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