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As I promised this, here goes.

Got up at 05:00hrs so my Dad could drive me to Heathrow.  Hes so  cool for doing that, well worth the bottle of Whisky I will be buying for him.
Arrived at heathrow, near 07:00hrs, and flight was at 13:00hrs, so lots of snoozing and listening to music on my mp3 player.

The flight was good, too just under 3 hrs and I was in Iceland !

Nice new upgrades on the Icelandair fleet means, you have your own personal tv and not sharing between like ten of you.  There was 16 films on offer, and I chose Casino Royale.    This is an excellent film, Bond at his best.

Touchdown was at 16:30hrs around that time, its hard to keep accurate times, and £ 25 return lighter for the coach journey, note that if you took taxi would be around £ 80 each way.  Took about an hour to arrive at the Nordica Hilton Hotel.  nice hotel, maybe on the expensive side for food and drink and to think I only paid like £ 56 a night for 6 nights !.

So I arrive at Hilton at 18:30, and settle in to my new room for the next 6 nights.  Its 18m2 so not that big, but nice shower room.   Note pics of shower being populated, only can be requested by ... nevermind

Chatted with Katy, and John for a couple hours via MSN, and Lisa via FB.  Then I plucked up courage to get some dinner.  As I could find anyone else to have dinner with.  Went to Pizza Hut, which adjoins the Nordica.  Mmm tasty Medium sized pizza Pepperoni.  Cough it was around *£30* but on holiday so who cares what I spend hehe.

Note to people.  If there is any single woman who could put up with me for 1 week next year, please mail me :) I may buy some dinners, and help share costs.  Its not good to have dinner by yourself, well on thursday onwards I shouldn`t be alone.  Or if I can get some of my Icelandic friends to get dinner with that would be awsome.

Whilst eating dinner, a party of 10 women come in and sit nearly opposite.  Icelandic women are very stunning.  Nuff said on that front.
With dinner I had a Tuborg ( Beer by carlsberg).  Which went done very nicely.  too nicely indeed. so meal was like very nice indeed.

After that went back to the Nordica Bar, which is very posh, with just one bartender, who pours me a very nice tuborg.  Now that one went down without touching the sides. mm

So now its 22:00hrs and I go back to my room, so I can chat some more with friends, who I wish were here.  You know who you are !

I don`t think I will get much done now, seeing its late and I am tired.  Tomorrow I will take some pics, for people to enjoy if I can take them ok, seeing as when I take photos they come out blurry lol

Signing off for day 1 in Iceland.
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