Nov. 11th, 2008

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Day 3 - Wednesday

I took it easy on this day, as I had been up rather late on tuesday night.  I got up at 8am again, and after breakfast went back to my room to look what was happening on IRC and MSN.  Andri, who is an Icelandic Eve Player was on though afk, I left a message for lunch.  At around mid-day I had a nap waiting for Andri to wake up.   I woke up to a new convo on msn, it was Andri @ 3pm agreed that we have a late lunch, and he would meet me in 10 mins at the lobby.

Ten mins later, we had a rather late lunch at a Chinese restaurant named Nings.  Rather weird to have Chinese in Iceland, Andri had to ask for an English menu for me, as the normal one was in Icelandic.

We had a meal for two,m which had pork, beef and chicken in with rice.  Mm was very nice.  After this we went back to the hotel bar, to see if anyone we knew was there.  Bar was practically empty.  I remembered that a Eve Pub crawl started at 2pm so that was probably why it was empty.  We ended up going round Andri's place.  It was not that far away, he shares it with about 7 other students, ended up watching some Beavis and Butthead on his laptop hehe, cool show - Cornholio :)

After about 2 odd hours, he had a call from his parents, and he had to drop me off at the hotel whilst he went round there.  Time was about 7pm.  I went to the bar and had a nice 500ml of Tuborg (They don`t serve pints in iceland), I was looking round the bar area and noticed a person just to the right of me,  He was the person I was sitting next to on the plane over, one of those strange random events had happened.  Had a little chat, and I let him finish his dinner.

After a couple more pints, no one else was around, so I went back to my room, and went on the net.  laptops are so cool :)  That was about it for Day 3 - Wednesday.  Went to bed at an early 10:30pm.


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